Friday, February 26, 2010



I had a very enjoyable breakfast today with three of the team which came together to create the Discovery Centre - Anne-Marie, Jan and Tom - which was a chance to revisit some old and pleasurable memories. It's good to have people say what a unique project this has been, and how special the experience of working together has been, and it's flattering to have some of that attributed to my leadership. Something else which was good to hear was that "lobster" has entered the working vocabulary. Lobster has a particular meaning in the context of the design of the discovery centre. Quite early on, when I was describing the experience that I felt visitors should get, I said that it should include something completely unexpected and quirky that made them do a double-take in disbelief, and question what they'd just seen. Something, I said, like a lobster walking upside down on a ceiling. And after that, whenever I felt the thinking was getting too conventional, I would put in a demand for the "lobster factor". And so now it's become a sort of generic shorthand, with the exhibition designers as well. It's a small legacy, but...


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