Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hard times

A fraught few months, one way or the other. I am preparing to divide my time more equally between the UK and Syria, so changing my role somewhat, which is causing some complicated knock-on effects. Work pressure is sky-high, recently augmented by the sudden expansion of a simple ceremonial to mark the start of the construction of the discovery centre into a major national event, all to be organised within a month - including finding the money for it. Massa has said she plans to leave later in the year, which is making me look again at the organisation structure. Budget allocations for this financial year are incredibly (as in horriby) tight: we are looking to fundraise around $3 million if we are going to achieve this year's plans. We have raised over $1 million already, but the hill is getting steeper by the day. Ironically, all the funding has suddenly arrived for another project which we had put onto the back-burner as it had previously gone so cold. So, as often happens, we have too little money to do the things we were planning for, and all the money needed for somehing we weren't planning for. The office is now working seven days a week and long hours each day just to keep up.


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