Thursday, May 01, 2008


After Harvard

So the Harvard Business School case has happened, and I'm suffering a severe case of post-event triste. The event itself was extraordinary, and seems to be creating ripples of attention towards Syria, opening some eyes to what is happening here, and in particular the social vision of The First Lady, of which Massar is of course a part.

And to a degree I think that's what the triste is all about. The case ended up being more about The First Lady than Massar, and while I'm glad that Syria gets positive attention, I left Boston wondering just what my expensive attendance had contributed.

So, a very enjoyable trip - a visit to the MIT Media Lab was a particular highlight - but one that raised a few questions in my mind. The point about Massar is the young people in Syria; it's not about buildings, or landscape, or me or The First Lady, but what goes on in the hearts and minds of young people now and in the future. And often that's at a more small-scale, prosaic and hands-dirty level than the wheeler-dealer agenda-setters may care about.


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