Monday, April 28, 2008



We are about to enter a more testing phase of the project than any we have so far experienced.  For all its uncertainties, the journey so far has been straightforward compared to what we are about to start.  The discovery centre enters the complexities of Stage E and beyond, in which any lack of attention to detail could cost us heavily in time and money later on, neither of which we can afford.  The architects will be demanding, and our performance as clients has to be extremely disciplined in response.  We will be attending the Follow-Up Committee with all that entails in terms of steering the project. We are forming the Project Management Unit, which will be central to the effective delivery of the centre‚Äôs construction on time and on budget and to the quality we require, and which will itself require strong chairmanship, management and processes.  In July we will start the tender process for the contractor who will carry out the construction, where I envisage that Massar will need to fight hard to ensure that the technical standards essential for the capital project are applied throughout, and we end up with a contractor who is properly capable of understanding and delivering the engineering required. During this next phase we need to establish a track record of discipline, attention to detail, rigorous and speedy problem-solving, and robust processes.  In other words, how we go forward over the next few months will set the tone for the entire project.  Throughout it all, we have to create a productive relationship between the fabric of the building and the fit-out works that will take place inside, which will require close coordination between the two processes.


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