Sunday, May 06, 2007


On the up

The discovery centre part of the project is, I think, on an upward trajectory just now. We had a meeting to present the scheme to the Governorate's elected officials, which went well, although I'm still struggling with this cough and wasn't feeling 100%. The Governor talked about why this project was needed, and how Damascus would benefit from it, I presented with Dina translating, and then the Minister of Education weighed in to explain how this was what the young people of Syria needed. There were some questions, and then the Govenor said that the building would receive 1.5 billion Syrian pounds in funding from the Governorate. This is good news, although we will have to keep the contract between us as watertight as possible if the Governorate is a funding partner. But every little helps at the moment, and I am gradually regaining my sense of confidence that we will get there.

Other presentations remain to be made about the Massar project in general: to the Prime Minister again in a smaller session, and then to an expatriates conference. These are potential funders, so I had better make it good.


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