Monday, August 07, 2006


Changes for me

Two things have happened recently which will have quite an effect on me. I have been asked, and agreed, to spend another three years on this project, through to the end of September 2009. This is a much bigger commitment than the original one of two years (which expires this September), and can only work if Helen can come out to visit more often, which she is trying to arrange with her work in London.

At the same time, a Trust is being formed, of which our project will be one part. This looks set to introduce not only some form of CEO to whom I will have to report, which is not a prospect I relish, but a lot more bureaucracy than we have at present. It's a great pleasure working with my team at the moment because we have a very clear team culture, which gets things done fast and effectively, and keeps things very personal. I will have to try and retain this if we become part of a larger organisation, which is never easy with all the drives for standardisation and conformity.

Other stuff going on is a move to a new office and a move for me to a new apartment, situated on the Autostrad (sounds unpleasant but actually I think it will be quite nice).


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