Thursday, February 02, 2006


The programme continues

Since we restarted in early December the activities have toured to Al-Adawi in Damascus, Douma, Aleppo and Idleb. 9000 children have how attended the events. Idleb, not a huge town, attended in droves - an audience of 166 for one session when we can really only cope with around 120. But we did cope, and everyone had a good time. Aleppo on the other hand, where we had fantastic press coverage, just didn't seem very interested and the attendance there was lower than any other place we've been so far. Strange. We start next week in Tartous where we have had to reschedule a few days later than planned because of a national election taking place in the cultural centre.

The green team (facilitators) continue to grow in the job, and remain keen and committed.

Meanwhile, nearer base, the Governor of Damascus has been replaced very suddenly. We don't know the new one, and although we hear he is supportive of the project, the thought of going back to square one of our negotiations over the site fills me with dread. Perhaps it's the weather that makes me less optimistic: it's cold, windy and wet.


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