Monday, July 25, 2005


The vision for The Children's Project

As the project has come into sharper focus, the strengths and weaknesses of its original vision statement have become more apparent. In particular, it risks interpretation as a (relatively) uncritical national promotion, and places little emphasis on nurturing individual capability and self-respect. “Citizenship” could be viewed as an abstract concept to be explained rather than an active spirit to be built. The term “children” is also one which, given the age range we will be targeting, needs amendment.

With these considerations in mind, a revised vision statement is being adopted:

“Through science-based, hands-on experiences we will foster in the young people of Syria a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves as individuals and the worlds of which they are a part, and empower them to contribute actively and positively in building the future.”

This (albeit longer) version contains a number of flavours which the earlier version lacked:

• “science-based” underlines the project’s commitment to an objective, rational approach
• “young people” embraces our age range of 6 to 16
• “understanding” reflects a commitment to providing knowledge as well as enjoyment
• “appreciation” includes the emphasis on growing individual self-belief and creativity
• “contribute” covers the project’s aim of prompting action and involvement


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