Wednesday, May 06, 2009



Dell created a website (originally called Della) to appeal to women buyers. It generated a howl of protest about stereotyping, and they changed it quick. Afterwards, there may have been less pink on the site but all the other advertising stereotypes seemed to still be there in spades. No "real" people - all the models straight from the agency shelf: young, slim, good-looking, no kids, perfect skin, and of course from a full spread of ethnic backgrounds. There was the standard heads-together-on-the-sofa shared-experience shot that seems to be trotted out for everything from fruit juice to panty-liners. The Tech Tips section (since renamed Tips) - presumably to convey serious DIY stuff - was fronted by a model with glasses (now gone)! And although this is apparently a site not aimed only at women, there was not a man to be seen in DellaWorld. Lazy stuff.


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