Saturday, April 12, 2008


Saturday afternoon

I've been working all day in the apartment. It's Saturday. The window looks out to the south east, towards Kafer Souseh, where there now stands a bright new Ministry building in the middle of all the other housing that is shooting up there. This was apparently built for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but once completed was promptly appropriated by the Prime Minister. Certainly it's much nicer than the building he occupies at the moment.

It's overcast but bright and a perfect temperature, not cool but not hot either, so the window is open and a pleasant breeze brings in the occasional smell of baking bread. Swifts are wheeling and shrieking in the sky, the enormous hornets that are found here have appeared and are occasionally bumping against the fly screen. As usual there's lots of hooting from the street nearby, as there's a cross roads there with no signage and no right of way so it's constant negotiation by horn. Below my window there is a garden centre , and it's a marvel to me that although most of its plants are lined up completely unprotected at the back, noone steals or vandalises them, there just seems to be a readiness to let things be.

I have a can of Grolsch beside the laptop, and I must say that life could be a lot worse.

(The picture shows the view but taken on a different, rather wetter, day)


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