Thursday, August 23, 2007



The apartment I had my eye on has materialised after some last-minute negotiation to get the price down to an affordable level. So I'm packing up stuff to be ready for a move that may happen quite soon if all goes well. The new place is big (3 bedrooms, one of which I will use as a study), and in a very smart part of town, Malki. It's on the top floor, which means at least I won't have upstairs neighbours keeping me awake at night. This is what I will miss least in moving out of my current apartment; the up stairs neighbours are a complete pain. They're not there all the year but when they are they seem to have a routine that involves moving furniture around at midnight, and running about the house in very hard shoes, so that bumps and squeaks and louds taps echo down to me. Reasoning with them didn't work, and neither did shouting, so I put them down as stupid and insensitive at best.

Apart from that and the rubbish that gets dropped into the garden from time to time, this has been a nice place to live, and although the new place is very pleasant, it lacks some of the conveniences. Still, good to have a change.

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