Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The TR2

After a few enjoyable trial runs in the car since buying it last summer, I've decided to get some work done to turn it from an out-and-out racer into a longer-distance rally car. So into the garage in West London it went today, and we went over a long list of things that could or should be changed. Basically, it's sound, but anything beyond two hours at a time and it gets really hard work, and I need to do long stints in it. Tyres will come down to 185s or even 165s, and I'll look at the price of a rack-and-pinion steering set-up. The rear springs can be softened a bit. The electrics need a thorough going over. The overdrive has to be sorted. It was sad to leave it behind, but now is the time to get this work done, while I'm not really using it much. Once Mark tells me just what needs doing, and how much it will all cost (which will really be the limiting factor) he will get started. I'm considering a rally in Norway in September if I can persuade someone to navigate for me, but first I need the car made ready.

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