Monday, May 21, 2007


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Our part of London, Herne Hill, is distinguished by being almost entirely residential. A few restaurants and pubs, a Sainsbury's local, the train station, some nice parks. It is not an emerging Silicon Valley, or indeed any sort of Valley. It's just a place to live, where people come home to after work. So it was strange, as in very funny, to see a local newsletter from the Herne Hill Forum read as follows, under the heading Global warming and the end of cheap oil:

"Duncan Law will be outlining what opportunities there are for Herne Hill to transition to the new economy."

It's difficult to imagine what might be involved here. Herne Hill emerging as leader in new solar technology? Residents keeping cows and harvesting the methane? Preparation of rooms for rent as the rising sea level engulfs lower-lying parts of London?

Sadly I have missed the opportunity to hear Mr Law, whoever he is, so will have to ask about to see if the neighbours can tell me what transitioning opportunities we may be missing.


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