Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Any auditors out there?

One of the ways in which, to my prejudiced eye, finance departments justify their desire to control the universe down to a DNA level is by blaming the auditors. "The auditors require this." "The auditors won't allow that." I'd really like to see a charter, headed "Oh No, We Don't" from the auditor community at large, on behalf of managers everywhere driven to distraction by nit-picking demands from their Finance Departments.

Today, the news is of $9 billion - $9 billion! - in cash lost by the US in Iraq. Lugged it over in $100 bills on pallets wrapped in clingfilm and then - erm - lost track of it. Now THAT'S a number auditors should be worried by, but man reponsible Paul Bremer seems to have got a very reasonable excuse. We handed it over to the local authorities and then didn't check, because there was a lot going on at the time. Now if that works for him, I'm damned if I know why I should have to provide a boarding pass stub to prove I've taken a flight. Oh yes, because the auditors require it. Come on people, help me out here.


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