Friday, January 20, 2006


Feedback from our consumers

Okay, the English translation isn't very good, but these comments from parents and children were quoted in an article in an Aleppo newspaper after the touring programme had visited.
Mr. Maher Sharefa
This project encourages children to explore their rights and, being a father I very much appreciate these activities because it contributes to the self-confidence of the child and encourages him to debate. We should anticipate in educational activities for children as the educational systems in our schools need reconsideration. I wish for these activities to expand to allow as many children and parents to attend these activities as possible for more effectiveness and interactivity.

Mr. Hazem Hadad
The activities that the project is running are very important. It’s a good initiative and a new method to teach children and develop intelligence and skills and provide them with a new educational atmosphere which would help them face the future.

Eng. Wafa Alaia
The show is a good element in the child’s world. The efforts spent on this project  were obvious. The facilitators contributed to the success of these activities and I think that the message is clear because children were enjoying the activities. They participated with enthusiasm  in exploring new things.

Ata Khateeb
These are new activities in the city. I think it develops the child as he can talk about everything and discuss with facilitators. I wish our parents were with us to learn  debate methods and understand our desires and emotions. I think these activities would motivate us to learn more about Child’s Rights and I think now holiday were useful because we learned very important things instead of watching TV and playing.

Moh. Firas Koteni
I enjoyed the participation in these activities and I’ll like them to be always available. I think these activities prove that knowledge is important. The most important thing is that the facilitators showed us the rules of debating and how to talk and listen to others and express ourselves and learn about child’s rights and how to assume responsibilities in return of rights. Here they taught us to speak and not to be shy.

Seba Koteni
I’m happy that I participated in these activities to express our views and speak about ourselves. They taught us how to debate and participate actively but in an organized way.  We have to react to what we see. I wish what we learned is applied in the family and in the society.

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